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What are your best tips for writing difficult scenes? They can be fight scenes, love scenes, political scenes, etc.

If you have any ideas for other questions of the day, please feel free to reply to this post with them. Also feel free to share the link to this post and invite your friends to respond, it is guest friendly!

The Smyths Guild / Muse's 2018-2019 goals
« on: September 06, 2018, 12:31:04 AM »
Okay, so. I think I need to write this out, just so that I have it being kept track somewhere, because otherwise I'll forget. So here are my goals for the upcoming months:

  • Finish writing out/typing up notes from beta readers for Storms of Magic
  • Organize the notes by character/plot issues/unanswered questions and print them out.
  • Start going through and fixing up the smaller issues- awkward phrases, etc.
  • Come up with a rough outline that includes scenes that need to be rewritten/added in
  • Start brainstorming for NaNoWriMo 2018. Come up with a plot. Do some world and character building. Try to come up with an outline. Goal: do this by mid-to-late October.
  • Work on NaNoPlaMo details. Get them ready by September 30th.
  • Participate in NaNoWriMo.
  • Win!
  • If I don't have the outline mentioned above for Storms of Magic for December, write it out.
  • Start editing. Fix up scenes, answer questions. Come up with overall plot that connects the book to Alana's story so that it can be tied together in the third book.
  • Goal: have it ready for next round of beta reading by summer 2019.

Announcements & Information / September 2018 Newsletter
« on: September 01, 2018, 07:31:28 AM »
Our September newsletter has been sent out! You can find the PDF version of it here, and can also subscribe to it if you haven't already! Feel free to share the link to the newsletter with your friends that may be interested in the forum!

Monthly Writing Challenges / September Writing Challenge
« on: August 31, 2018, 08:11:40 PM »
September Writing Challenge
September 1st - 30th
This is the last monthly writing challenge until December when NaNo has ended, so we hope you'll submit something!

Prompt: This month, you have two sets of prompts!

First prompt: write a story that includes one or more of the following elements:
*A romantic scene
*An animal companion (dragons, wolves, etc)
*Winter celebrations
*A comedic scene

Second prompt: we haven't done an image prompt in a long time, so we decided now would be a good time to do it before we pause the challenges for a while for NaNo.

Hopefully this image isn't too specific and isn't uninspiring! It can be anyone you want that's on the road. Who are they passing by? Where are they going? What happens as they're walking? It doesn't even have to be a mountain road! Pretend it's a desert road, or a forest or something like that. Be as creative as necessary until something inspires you.

If you have any other questions about the challenge, please reply to this post!

Wordcount: 5,000 word maximum. Please remember, this is just a maximum, meaning that you do NOT have to write 5,000 words, it just means that you can't surpass it.
Submission deadline: Saturday, September 29th, 2018, by 11:59 PM GMT-5 (11:59 PM EDT).

If you already have something written that fits the given prompts, you CAN and are encouraged to submit it to the challenge!

Voting will be posted on Sunday, September 30th, 2018.

All entries should be submitted to the writing challenge submission forum, using the submission form. You are allowed to submit your challenge via Google doc link or by uploading a Word doc to a response to this post as an attachment.

Remember, all entries must fit the fantasy genre.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask either here in the thread or send one of us a PM! Good luck!

Please respond to this post with the following information filled out in order to submit your entry:

Code: [Select]
[b]Word count:[/b]
[b]Link to story:[/b]
[b]Do you want feedback after voting ends?[/b]

Prompts & Writing Games / An Approaching Storm [image prompt]
« on: August 31, 2018, 07:11:53 PM »

Write something using this image as the prompt. No word max or deadline.
Submit to your response to Submissions & Review

Our first ever Worldsmyths Million challenge has pretty much ended! We're looking for feedback on so that hopefully we can continue running this challenge in the coming years and would appreciate it if everyone could take a few minutes to respond to these questions in a reply to this post. Obviously if you joined when it was too late to sign up for the challenge, you do not have to answer these questions, though it would be helpful to know if there are any particular months that you think would generally work better for you next year so that you can hopefully participate.

Code: [Select]
[b]1. Did you participate in the challenge? If you participated in the challenge, what did you think about it overall?[/b]
[b]2. If you didn't participate in the challenge as were a member of the forum during it, was there anything that made you not participate (if you joined before the deadline for sign ups)? [/b]
[b]3. Did you keep on top of updating your word count throughout the challenge? If not, why?[/b]
[b]4. What did you think of having the challenge run from March to August? Were these good months for you as far as participation goes, or are there better months that would have worked for you? If you didn't participate this year, are there specific months that would generally work best for you next year?[/b]
[b]5. Was there anything about the way the challenge was done that you would suggest changing? Was there anything you would suggest adding onto it?[/b]
[b]6. Is there anything else about the challenge you'd like to say overall?

Prompts & Writing Games / Old story plot, up for grabs!
« on: August 30, 2018, 10:09:35 PM »
So, my dad has been cleaning out his house that I grew up in, which means he's making me take the stuff that I left there and go through it and either throw it out or keep it. I was going through one of the bins that I brought over and I found what's basically the summary to an old story that I was writing but I never got very far with. I THINK I may have used it for NaNo once upon a time, but I honestly can't remember. It's technically meant as a sequel to another story I wrote (and also didn't get super far with), but it would be easy enough to change certain details to make that not the case. I decided I would type the summary up and allow anyone who wants it to use if they want, or use bits and piece of, or whatever. You are welcome to change names as necessary, or keep them if you like them enough.

Disclaimer: there might be bits of this that don't entirely make sense because I never got far enough to work them out and make them make sense. :P

It starts when the main character, Lucretia, is leaving her home in the Sky City so that she can lead the people of the Sky Clans to safety. They climb down the Orrick, which is a tall, magical tree, and Tie uses her magic abilities to hide it.

During their travels, they meet up with Tia's cousins, Rais and Casden, and their friend Cesarina. Tia explains what they have missed since they left eight years before to help their friend. Since Rais and Casden are the heir to the Sky Empire by birth, Tia tries to convince them to take the throne back. She fears that she is leading them to death. However, she is unsuccessful, and finds herself still leading her people through unknown territory.

Tia goes to the kingdom of Glanway and offers her hand in marriage to their prince. She tells the prince and his counselors that she comes from the Sky City, and is their leader. Some of the counselors question whether or not she is truly royalty, since they mostly believe that the Sky City is a story and isn't real.

After she finally convinces them that she is of royal blood, she spends time with the prince, but the more time she spends time with him, the more she is reminded of Hawk, the mercenary whom she fell in love with but was killed, and she finds herself falling less in love with the prince (meaning she still has feelings for Hawk so she's combating those, in case that wasn't somehow clear...I'm pretty sure I meant to write -less- and not -more). Tia knows that somehow, a new ruler must be chosen.

When they leave Glanway, Tia and the Sky Cities go to the ruins of the old city, Caelestis. There, Tia discovers that she was born in the city, and finds out that it's where her two cousins as well as several others were sent long ago, when they were children.

Not long after going to Caelestis, Tia is captured by the yet-to-be-named bad guy, who wants to know the location of the Orrick, and how to make it appear. After she escapes, she hears about a hanging that's going to take place in a town she goes to, and hears a name she recognizes: Hawk. After helping him escape, they reunite. On their journey back to Caelestis, Tia has a dream from one of the spirits in the Orrick, telling her that something has happened to Caelestis and she needs to go back to the Sky City. She and Hawk go back, only to be trapped by yet-to-be-named.

Yet-to-be-named bad guy tells her that he needs her to give up her connection to the Orrick, which will allow him to become ruler of the Sky City and connect with the Orrick and Crystal. The Crystal is large, and still in the Sky City, surrounded by a force field. After managing to weaken Tia, yet-to-be-named is able to trap her inside the crystal and begin taking over the Sky City.

At this point, the rest of the Clans have already been captured, except for Casden, Rais, and Cesarina, who have been searching for the Dragons so that they can ask for their help. The three return, with the dragons behind them, and free the Clans. There's a huge battle, which ends up killing (or possibly just banishing him somehow) yet-to-be-named bad guy. During the battle, Hawk is dueling someone and gets too close to the edge of the Sky City's "land," and falls. One of the Dragons is able to catch him, but doesn't bring him back to the City.

Once yet-to-be-named bad guy is gone, Tia is set free. It's then that she's told that Hawk has fallen.

A few days later, there's a masquerade ball in Glanway, celebrating the engagement of their prince, Kaysar, to Tia. While there, Tia is asked to dance with someone, and as they dance, something seems familiar to her. At the end of the dance, she asks who he is. It's then that he pulls his mask off and reveals that it's Hawk. Everyone gasps- not only because Tia and the Clans thought he was dead, but the people of Glanway did as well. He explains that he is the rightful heir to the Glanway throne, and that there was a battle he had fought in. Many took him for being dead, so when he realized this he decided to forget his life as a prince and simply become a mercenary/bounty hunter. Tia is angry that he had lied to her lal this time, never telling her who he truly was. Before this happens, Rais proposes to Cesarina, who accepts.

The day after, Tia confronts both Hawk and her cousins. She lets Hawk know that she is angry with him for lying with her, and she confronts her cousins about the throne.

Hawk tells Cesarina that while he was in prison, before his hanging, he met her brother, whom she's been looking for. He says that her brother said to go and find Howler, the talking wolf, and that he would be able to tell her more. (Apparently I was debating whether or not Tia and Hawk would go with them to find Howler.)

Tia also finds out about the spy who betrayed the Clans and told yet-to-be-named about the location of Caelestis.

So, in the story that takes place before this, Caesarina was caught doing...something I don't remember, and she was punished by being branded with a marking that wouldn't let her use her magic without excruciating pain (if I remember correctly) and was banished. At some point in that story, she ran into her biological brother, who I think had been captured by some kind of bad guy and had been being used as a pawn....or the prison that Hawk was in is where the brother was, 'cause I imagine the brother had been caught trying to help Caesarina or something like that.

I think, if I remember right, I was basically having Tia be the regent for the Sky City while her cousins were gone, 'cause her uncle had died, so there was no one to take either of their places....something like that.

I hope someone likes this and decides to at least use some of it!

So I know there are plenty of methods out there for outlining a single book, like with the pinches and midpoint and all that, but what I'm wondering is whether or not there's other outlining methods for planning a trilogy/series. I know that with a trilogy/series, there needs to be an overall plot arc that needs to connect each book together? Although it also depends on the trilogy/series, I guess. (I know I can google this question, and will do so, but I thought it would be a good potential discussion to post here, too.)

Is there a specific method that you use for planning something that you know ahead of time will be a trilogy/series, or is it basically the same method, but with other things added in? If so, what's added into it? What's YOUR method for planning a trilogy/series, when/if you know that you're writing one? What are your favorite resources/methods for outlining a trilogy/series?

I just found this with a quick Google search. I'm thinking that the method I would be using for my current project(s) would be the individual arcs method (which, incidentally, the example they use is one of my absolute favorite trilogies, though the first one is the best of the three). With that being the case, does anyone know of any resources for finding any templates or anything for the individual arc method that would help me with planning/outlining it? Would I still be able to follow the method using pinch points and all that, each set of pinch points being for each individual book? I know there are plenty of templates out there for outlining using the three act structure or the one using pinch points, but what about those things when it comes to planning a trilogy?

Question of the Day / Question of the Day #42: Rewriting a Story
« on: August 22, 2018, 10:30:18 AM »
What story would you rewrite if you had the time and/or inclination? (Can be one of yours or someone else's)

As always, feel free to reply to this post with more question of the day topic suggestions.

Question of the Day / Question of the Day #41: Twitter Pitch!
« on: August 05, 2018, 11:32:26 PM »
Write us a twitter pitch (140 characters or less) of your WIP!

Hi everyone! We're looking for feedback on the writing challenges (yes, again)! We have a lot of new members whom we'd love to get feedback from regarding the challenges, but of course as always, everyone is encouraged to give their suggestions!

I think one of the things we, behind the scenes, have been struggling with the most is the actual prompts- finding prompts that will work for everyone and will draw in more submissions. But I guess one of the things we're looking for feedback on is whether there's anything else we can try doing that will spark your interests enough to submit to the challenges - what spins we can try adding onto the prompts, whether they're too open ended or too specific...things like that.

Also, one of the things we'd like to know is whether or not you guys think we should put the challenges on hiatus again for NaNo! I believe in the past we've stopped the challenges in October and picked them back up in January, or something along those lines, since usually everyone's pretty busy focusing on prepping and actually writing for NaNo and then recovering from it. Please vote in the poll and also let us know by replying to this post what you think we should do.

So what is your overall feedback and suggestions regarding the writing challenges? Is there anything particular that we can try and do to help encourage you to submit to the challenges, or are they fine the way they are? We do have a post here where you are welcome to give your suggestions for prompts that we could use for the challenges, and we're ALWAYS looking for suggestions for possible prompts that we can use for the challenges.

In previous feedback posts, we've mostly been told that a lot of the time it's that many of us are too busy and run out of time, or they don't want to write something brand new for a challenge when they're already focusing on a project of their own. Please remember, as long as it fits the prompt we've given, you are more than welcome to submit something previously written for a challenge - it does not have to be brand new!

Note: in the past, we have received feedback telling us that we should consider offering prizes as an incentive for entering the challenges. Unfortunately, this is not something we can do right now. We have also always followed the thought that it should not take something like a prize to give someone the incentive to submit to the challenges, and that just the fun of submitting and getting feedback should be enough to be willing to participate.

NaNoWriMo Archive / July Camp NaNo Week 5 - the end!
« on: July 30, 2018, 09:55:57 PM »
I should have posted this yesterday, but in my time zone, at least, there's one more day left of camp! How are you guys doing on word count? Want to share an excerpt? about to start trying to attempt to play catch up. I have 1,641 words left at this very moment in order to get my 10k, which is actually even less 'cause there's some words I started writing that I haven't added to my word count yet. It looks like most of us are doing pretty well with our goals, and have reached our goals or have come close!

What world building aspect are you most proud of in your stories?

Writing Discussion & Questions / Choosing Character Point of View
« on: July 25, 2018, 01:22:09 AM »
So, something I've been thinking about is character point of view. I don't even mean first person VS third person, but how many characters to have as the narrators of your basically, one main character POV VS multiple character POVs, a la Game of Thrones.

For my main project, Storms of Magic, I switched back and forth between Arris and Merek's point of views by chapter, and it worked. I knew pretty quickly that I wanted to do it this way.

For my current project for camp, right now I've only written most of one chapter, which is in Alana's point of view. Now, based on my outline, there are definitely some scenes that I would like to be able to include, and if I switch between multiple character POV's, I can do that (the point of view characters would be Alana, Ivar, Harrow and Kassel). For example, Ivar is a prince under a spell being controlled by a dark fairy queen, and there's one particular scene that I'm looking forward to writing that would most likely be in his point of view because Alana wouldn't be in the scene any more, and would be fun to write.

But the more I think about it and look at my outline, it kind of Like maybe I should be considering just keeping it to Alana's point of view, so basically it would be third person limited. But there are definitely some things that I want to be able to include that wouldn't make it third person limited, it would be omniscient third person (from my understanding, anyway). Those things would probably not have entire chapters dedicated to those characters, they'd just be scenes added in here and there. For example, I have a scene where, after Alana goes unconscious, Kassel finds her in the forest and basically there's stuff that happens but Alana isn't aware of it due to being unconscious, and it focuses on Kassel. But that's the only scene currently written in Kassel's point of view.

So I guess I wanted to discuss this in general, and also see what you guys thought.

How do you go about choosing what point of view you want for your stories? Do you know right away whether or not it's going to be third person omniscient or third person limited, or do you wait until you're writing it to figure it out?

For those (few) who've read at least some of what's becoming the first chapter, do you think the story feels like it should be just in Alana's point of view, or could I get away with the multiple characters?

There's one book I'm reading by Kelly Blanchard, where basically she has multiple character point of views in what I THINK is third person omniscient, but she'll do something where it's primarily in one character's point of view but then she'll have a paragraph where it's clearly in another character's point of view...does that still count as third person omniscient? She kind of switches the point of view characters around based on chapters, but it still changes within the actual chapters, too, if that makes sense. I'm thinking that I could probably try and do something like that? Although admittedly, if I did that then right now I haven't done a good job of it, but that's what revisions are for.

Anyway...what are your thoughts?

NaNoWriMo Archive / July Camp NaNo 2018 Week 4 Progress
« on: July 23, 2018, 09:37:38 PM »
We're on to week four! How's everyone doing?

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