Question of the Day #7: Favourite character(s)

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Question of the Day #7: Favourite character(s)
« on: August 12, 2017, 06:45:03 PM »
What character(s) are you writing right now that's your favourite? Why?

If you're not currently working on a project, feel free to just tell us about your favourite character you've written for anything. If it's a new project, which character do you like writing the most/feel most drawn to?



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Re: Question of the Day #7: Favourite character(s)
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2017, 08:06:56 PM »
Although I don't tend to work in strictly defined good or bad categories, this is one of my favourite good guys.  He appears in several of my novels, including one which is his back-story:

Character created by: Xanxa
Character name: Lord Andreas Alano Cesario (AKA the Chimera Obscura)
Character race: Human - Carpathian Spy Master (Ascended Master)
Character appearance: Short, thin slight build, light brown skin, waist length black hair, usually tied up with a piece of old bandage, long droopy moustache. Usually wears shabby checked suits with old brown sandals. Sometimes disguises himself as a beggar.  Several tattoos, including a special one on his back.
Character personality: Wildly eccentric and unpredictable. Sly, devious, wicked sense of humour, often self-depreciating. Changes subject abruptly in conversation. In private, he is a loving husband and father, devoted to his extended family.
Family: Direct descendant of the Warrior God Martius, through the Entrevi and Cesario families. Married to Anwyn, has five children, two of whom he adopted.
Strengths: Spy Master, adept at breaking and entering, climbing, picking locks, setting explosives, administering poisons, computer hacking. Ascended Master who can take mortal form when he chooses.
Weaknesses: Generous to a fault. Cannot walk past a beggar without giving money.
Likes: Making and breaking codes, picking locks, playing the flute, doing conjuring tricks, telling jokes, entertaining children.
Dislikes: Cruelty, slavery, injustice and intolerance. Anything or anyone threatening his extended family.
Magic – 7 (but can be stronger when Anwyn shares her powers with him, which brings him up to 9)

This one is a true villain.  She's a serial killer and a cannibal and she began her depraved antics before she reached double figures:

Character created by: Xanxa
Character name: Malawi Rashannah Redigan (later Malawi Batalan)
Character race: Human - Viriah
Character appearance: Short, plump, pale skin, dark hair, blood-red eyes.  Deliberately dresses in children's clothes, even when she hits her teens. 
Character personality: Cruel, mocking, derives pleasure from seeing others suffer.  Highly intelligent, expert manipulator.  Diligent student, grows up to become a lawyer.
Family:  The Redigans, a wealthy traditional family who have lived in their ancestral mansion home for many generations.
Strengths: Intelligence, good observational skills, good acting skills, very manipulative.  Also far stronger than she looks. 
Weaknesses: Insanely jealous, prone to temper tantrums. 
Likes: Tormenting her older sister (SPOILERS - kills her later on), killing animals and people, drinking blood, eating raw meat (including human flesh), studying law, being promiscuous with both genders, manipulating people.
Dislikes: Anyone being more intelligent than her (she tends to kill them), anyone being very popular (she tends to kill them), anyone flirting with one of her lovers (she tends to kill them).
Magic – 1 (powers of persuasion)

I had great fun writing about these.  There are many other characters I've enjoyed writing about but these are the ones I've been working with most recently. 

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Re: Question of the Day #7: Favourite character(s)
« Reply #2 on: August 13, 2017, 04:41:40 PM »
Currently, my favourite has to be Kieran Lee, the main character from the Caerellí Chronicles. The series is an urban fantasy set in a small town in north Wales and has strong ties to Celtic Wales and Arthurian legend.

Kieran grew up in London, raised by his mother and her husband, who everyone thinks is his father(including his mother). His mother insists he moves out to Caerellí to stay with one of her friends when he starts blacking out and having visions. He thinks it's a punishment for his failing grades and self-destructive tendencies when she's trying to protect him from a dangerous magic he was born into. He ends up enjoying it more than he thought he would when his mother's plan backfires.

Kieran, and most of the other characters in the story, is in his late teens. I'm not sure of the exact age of anyone, but it's set during the summer after Kieran completed his GCSEs and is getting ready for sixth form. He has a kind of "edgy teen" vibe around him with dark eyes and dark, messy hair. His permanently downcast face and the bags under his eyes don't do anything to help that image, though the people he spends time with does.  Most of his friends are a lot bubblier than he is, though no less weird. His face is square and he has a kind of big nose. His preferred style of clothing is "cheap and comfortable", so hoodies, jeans, trainers, and the like.

Personality wise, Kieran's a bit hard to get to know. He's lazy, self-destructive, uncaring about most things, and can be mean, but he's ferociously loyal and constantly striving to be better. He used to be sporty and creative, but depression kind of takes that out of you. He played bass guitar and basketball, and was very easy to get along with in a team environment. Kieran's also extremely curious and tends to take charge of a situation if he can. The whole plot comes together because he wants to solve the mysteries that keep cropping up around Caerellí and none of the adults will give him a straight answer for his own "protection".

I like writing Kieran because he just comes easily to me and he's very open to character development. His demeanour fits the tone I'm trying to write really well and he really complements the other characters around him who are all the different combinations of nihilist and optimist I've seen in teenagers today. Kieran's definitely rooted further of the pessimistic side of the scale but he's not even close to more realistic than the others are. How close can to get to reality when one of your friends is related to Merlin?


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Re: Question of the Day #7: Favourite character(s)
« Reply #3 on: August 14, 2017, 12:53:08 AM »
I'm going to come back tomorrow (later today) when I'm not as exhausted as I am right now and reply to this properly. -_- So consider this a placeholder.
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