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Worldsmyths Rules
« on: May 22, 2018, 05:37:04 PM »

General Rules

1. Anyone who breaks the following rules will be appropriately warned or otherwise taken care of depending on the offense. In general, these are the steps that will be followed:
Action taken:

First offense- warning. You will be reminded of the rules either in the topic or by PM and asked to correct the offense.

Second offense- you will be PMed with another warning.

Third offense- you will be PMed with a final warning. In the event of a fourth offense, you will be banned from the site.

Plagiarism is grounds for a permanent account ban and deletion.

2. You must be at least 13 years old to become a member.

3. The rating of the main part of the website/forum is for PG-13 and below, in both fictional literature and regular content. If anyone is caught posting content that is sexual, offensive, or otherwise, then appropriate action will be taken, which could possibly lead to banning.

4. Keep all strong language (swearing) in the context of your writing. Do not swear heavily outside of your writing or at other members or the moderators. Spam, porn, flaming, and racism are all causes for immediate banning with no exceptions. Do not post any material (or link to) any sexual, threatening, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive imagery or content. Discrimination against LGBT will not be tolerated.

5. Please make sure to carefully read through our trigger warning rules and be aware of them.

6. If you are not a moderator/admin, please do not act like one, and instead contact one of the staff members to take care of any potential problems.

7. If you have a problem with a member or staff member, please make sure to send us a PM or message Jedi Knight Muse on Discord (and do not air it out in a post or in Discord) with whatever the issue is. Remember, if you don’t tell us about an issue, we cannot do anything to resolve it, and it is always better to do something about it when it first happens rather than not say anything at all.

8. We reserve the right to delete posts, restrict access, and take whatever action may be necessary to keep our members from being exposed to inappropriate behavior, links, writing, and images.

9. Please try to use correct grammar and spelling in both forum posts and your submitted stories. Do not use chat speak, texting short forms, etc. Please do not use OBVIOUSLY annoying colors or fonts when making posts. It's best to stick to the "default" fonts and colors.

10. Treat all admin/moderators and members with respect. Do not dismiss what they say. This is a community that hopes to build a network of fellow writers and like-minded readers, and while friendship isn't mandatory it is encouraged you get to know your fellow members. Any arguments should be made on-topic and in relation directly to what is being said, and how it is being said, and should be done so civilly and with respect to how you would treat a coworker you have a disagreement with. Bashing of fellow members, personal attacks of any kind, and demeaning/critical remarks on personality, intellect, and other unique factors such as orientation, race, class, etc, will absolutely not be tolerated.

11. Do not violate any local, state, national, or international laws or regulations.

12. For your privacy/safety, you're welcome to use a pen name/fake name but please do so at your own discretion and only because you feel the need to.

13. Plagiarism is not allowed at Worldsmyths and is grounds for deletion of the offender's account and a permanent ban from the community. You can quote from published fiction or non-fiction, as long as you state the source.

Please keep all discussions of religion and politics writing related. Real world politics and religion discussion should not be posted unless it specifically relates to writing. I.e. My political system is based on X. Does anyone know how I can incorporate Y?

15. Don't take over the discussion. In other words feel free to contribute but don't make it so that you're the only one posting.

Reasonable, mature debates among members are fine and encouraged, but we ask that they be kept civil.

Writing Rules

1. Please make sure to pre-check any writing you post for grammar/spelling issues if possible. While those who share their feedback on your writing here on the board will look for grammar/spelling issues, you should still make sure to do the same before posting it.

2. Using a RPG rating system, the following is our rating for all pieces of writing posted on the site.

Language- As long as there isn't a swear every other word, swearing is fine.
Sex- Fade to black on sexual scenes.
Violence- As long as it's not super detailed gore and descriptive, it should generally be okay but use your own judgement.

If we feel that a story goes past these ratings, we reserve the right to ask you to either remove it or edit the story to tone it down a bit.

All discussions of an 18+ nature must only take place in the 18+ section. See below for further details.

3. Because this site is open to those ages thirteen and older, we would prefer that all pieces of writing be rated up to PG-13 and not have a heavy amount of sex, violence or swearing. If you do have stories with a heavy amount of these things, you are welcome to find a beta reader to take a look at them off of the board.

4. We now have an 18+ only discussion only section called The Dark Corner, which is password protected. To receive access to this section, you must send a PM to @Jedi Knight Muse  with your full birth date (month, day, year). This information will NOT be shared with anyone and will be kept completely privately between you and @Jedi Knight Muse . This is our only way to verify your age, and while we're using an honor system, we need something to verify that you're the right age.

5. Help others with writing by giving examples. Do not belittle, bash, make fun, bully in any way. Abusive behavior will not be tolerated.

Critiquing and Beta Reading

1. All critiques must be generally constructive. Simply "This sucks," or "That was great" are not helpful in the least, so try to give a little more than that when giving feedback to a posted excerpt.

2. Be courteous in giving and receiving critiques.

Beta Reading
Beta reading is for the purpose of finding someone one-on-one to exchange writing with. A beta reader is someone who:

1. Is interested in the story you're asking someone to read.

2. Has a fair grasp of grammar, spelling, is able to spot on flow errors in the writing, can spot plot holes, characterization issues, etc.

3. Is willing to read long pieces of work that may exceed a number of chapters/words.

Please make sure to use the forms here to either volunteer to be a beta reader or ask for a beta reader.

by asking for someone to beta read for you, you agree that you willingly will send them your chapter(s) to look over as they can. Conversely, by agreeing to beta read for someone you agree to look over the chapter(s) as you can and will not do anything to distribute the writing sent to you via e-mail without the author's permission.

We, the staff and members of Worldsmyths, do not lay any claim on any of the writing or ideas posted here on Worldsmyths that does not belong to ourselves. Any who try to claim or plagiarize the writing of others on this board will be appropriately punished, including a permanent ban if the situation warrants it. We do not hold any first rights to any writing that is posted on this board.

Mission Statement

*To provide a community where fantasy writers of varying ages and experiences in the writing world over the age of thirteen can come together and discuss their writing.

*To help other members grow as writers.

*To provide helpful, constructive feedback to those who seek it.

* To have fun!

What You're Allowed to Post

Because Worldsmyths focuses on the fantasy genre, there are a number of other genres that we will not allow to be posted. If you are not sure whether or not your story(ies) will fit here, please make sure to contact a staff member. The following are the types of fantasy we typically will allow:

-Dark fantasy
-High fantasy
-Light fantasy
-Historical fantasy (including steampunk, elfpunk, etc)
-Science fantasy
-Contemporary/modern fantasy

The following are the genre(s) we typically will not allow:

-Fan fiction
-General fiction
-Science fiction
-Teen fiction

Obviously some of these genres can fit into the types of stories we -do- allow as sub-genres or as themes, which is fine. If you're still not completely sure whether or not your story(ies) will fit here, please do not hesitate to contact a staff member to ask. Basically our goal is to focus on the fantasy genre, rather than several other genres along with the fantasy genre.

Since it's easy for science fiction and fantasy to cross together, here is a good way of describing the difference between the two, as suggested by Lily Lilac of RPG Directory:

"Say you have a ring, which lets you do X. In science-fiction you might talk about the waves and particles that are emitted from the ring, the ionization of certain metals within the ring etc. In fantasy, it's a magic ring."

As far as erotica/pornography goes, we’ve decided not to allow these things on the site, due to it being too easy for minors to lie about their age in order to read adult content. If you have something that falls in this category, you may ask for feedback here on the board on stories that fall into that category, but the posting and discussion of those kinds of stories must be done off of the board.


You can find a tutorial on how to add an image to your signature here.

1. Signature graphics must be 550x150- This is the "standard" size of signature graphics across most message boards, and is the size that won't stretch our pages.

2. Avatars should be no bigger than 130x130. Please do not try to exceed this size.

3. Use appropriate pictures. Please use pictures that are safe for everyone to look at. This means nothing that would be considered pornographic/not safe for work.

4. Using animated gifs in your signature is allowed. However, they should not be massive gifs, and your signature should not exceed more than two gifs at once.

Worldsmyths Discord
For rules pertaining to our Discord server, please see this post.

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