Beta Reading Templates

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Beta Reading Templates
« on: May 08, 2016, 11:21:32 PM »
Beta Reading Forms

The following are the beta reading forms you'll need to fill out and place into a new post for when you're either requesting a beta reader or volunteering to be a beta reader. Please make sure to adhere to the guidelines for beta reading. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact a staff member.

The third form is optional but recommended to use as a guideline when critiquing someone's story. If the author you're critiquing for requests that you use the form, please make sure to use it in an e-mail or in a PM if you really feel you don't want to share your e-mail address.

by metaphoricalallusion of atf

Request a beta reader form
Code: [Select]
[b]Author name:[/b] [i]Username or your actual name works here[/i]
[b]Title of the story you want read:[/b] [i]The title of the chapter/novel you want critiqued. This includes the name of the story the chapter is from if you just want a few chapters read.[/i]
[b]Rating:[/b] [i]The rating you would give it goes here[/i]
[b]Genre:[/b] [i]What genre(s) would you say the story fits into best?[/i]
[b]Summary (if applicable):[/b] [i]Should range from three sentences to a paragraph.[/i]
[b]Critiquing notes:[/b] [i]What specific things are you looking for that you want the beta reader to keep an eye out for? What should they know about the things you plan to do, or about things you might plan to change or are thinking about changing? Etc.[/i]
[b]Do you want your reader to use the critiquing form?[/b]
Offer to beta read form
Code: [Select]
[b]Your name:[/b] [i]Username or your actual name works here[/i]

[b]What rating (G, PG, PG-13) of a story are you willing to read up to?[/b]

[b]What types of fantasy are you interested in reading?[/b]

[b]What types of fantasy are you not interested in reading?[/b]

[b]Is there any specific content you don't want to read? (Violence, rape, etc)[/b]

[b]What would you say your strengths and weaknesses are when it comes to critiquing a story?[/b]

[b]How many chapters are you willing to read at a time?[/b]

[b]Anything else?[/b]
Critiquing Form
Code: [Select]
[b]1. What did you think of the prologue overall?[/b]

[b]2. What portions/descriptions did you like the best? Please give an example or two.[/b]

[b]3. Does the prologue accomplish "show, don't tell" at all?[/b]

[b]4. Anything you'd like to mention about the prologue?[/b]

[b]1. What chapter(s) are you mainly talking about?[/b]

[b]2. What did you think of the chapter(s) overall?[/b]

[b]3. What dialogue/quotes did you like the best?[/b]

[b]4. Do you have any favorite characters so far, or is it too early to tell?[/b]

[b]5. What is your basic opinion of the story so far?[/b]

[b]6. What are some general things I (the author) need to improve on in this/these chapter(s)/the prologue?[/b]

[b]7. What do you like about the storyline? What don't you like so far? Please give three examples of each if possible.[/b]

[b]8. Do you have any predictions for the story? If so, what, and why do you think so?[/b]

[b]9. If you could ask any of the main characters so far (Cesarina and the rest of her friends, for example) three questions, what would they be, and why? Do you want an answer from the author (even if it means spoilers)?[/b]

[b]10. What are your three favorite quotes/scenes/parts in the chapter(s) so far? Please name them, and give a reason for each.[/b]

[b]11. What do you think the theme is of this story?[/b]

[b]12. What do you think the theme is of this story?[/b]

[b]13. What age range of readers (young adult, teen, adult, etc) do you think should read this?[/b]

[b]14. If there were three events of the story, not based on how they were written (since this is a first draft) but based on the actual events so far, would you change? What three events wouldn't you change, and why?[/b]

[b]15. Do you believe you've been able to get "into the mind" of the main character yet? Why or why not?[/b]

[b]16. What do you believe the main character wants more than anything, or is it too soon to tell?[/b]
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