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About the Staff
« on: January 13, 2017, 08:23:49 PM »
About the Staff
Ally (Jedi Knight Muse); Admin/co-creator)- Ally is one of the founders of Worldsmyths. By day she is typically a grocery store cashier. By night she is a jack of many trades- writer, web/graphic designer, photographer, sometimes role player, reader and movie watcher. She can often be found browsing the site and working on things behind-the scenes. She loves taking part in conversations about writing and reviewing other people's stories.
Carrie (Sheepy-Pie); Temp admin-Moderator- Lurker. Wannabe Pokemon Master. Mistress of Death (seriously, watch out for your characters!). May come out with weird ideas and will try to be helpful wherever she can. Currently disguised as a momonga cause she can't find a better avatar.

Silver; Moderator -
Writer and poet, currently attempting to go freelance. A student of canine psychology, she owns two dogs and participates in various dog-type sports.
R.K. Wood- coming soon!
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