Unique Geographical Features

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Unique Geographical Features
« on: March 20, 2017, 04:07:49 PM »
One of the great things about Fantasy is that we can create our own worlds, and they can look however we want them to. I'm sure some of us throw some epic earth science into some of the decisions about how the geography is, but it's not really necessary because after all, it is fantasy.

What are some unique geographical landmarks/features of your unique or altered world?
Is it an architectural feat that awes the masses? Is it a giant rock, larger than mountains? Is it a lake shaped like the foot of a giant?
Tell us about it, and elaborate all you'd like - we love to know the little details of the things you've made.

In Fatale I have a lot of landmarks, known as the Mark of the Mounts that I'm rather proud of.

Fimari's Plague (a series of volcanoes), Wasil's Reach (a natural harbor), The Wrath of Eifnes (a desert), and Namar's Valley (which I'll be elaborating on).

I also just have some cool places that I'm fond of, such as the Whispering Lakes (lakes that...whisper. They say it's the voices of the Dead), the Great Abyss (a huge fissure that was formed when the realm broke), the Endless Sea (It's Endless. Fatale is Flat, because Magic.), The Mount of Dragons (where a bunch of dragons solidified), the Crumbling Mountains (they crumble), and Lufinda's Lair (which is a giant er...not a swamp...what's the word?).

But my favorite is Namar's Valley.

It's a valley hidden in the mountains, inaccessible only through one entrance which the inhabitants could cut off to the rest of the world. It is a sanctuary, known as the womb of the realm where "love is as a fever, and the air is thick with the potential of the gods."

It's tropical, and somehow the balance of Beast and Blooms never is out of whack - everything is in perfect balance. It's a place where people can exist with little worry about basic things like shelter or food, and where the People who live there are welcoming and kind.

I was surprised when a few years ago they "discovered" a hidden valley in Korea or Thailand (I can't remember where but those two names are popping up and I can't find it for the life of me). It was a much smaller version of what I had imagined the Vale to be, but much to the same affect.

In the Vale there is the Great Tree, which is a giant, lively tree full of various fruits and flowers. It's told to be the way the Gods left the Realm and re--entered the Void.

There's also a giant elephant tusk, crystalized/covered in crystals. It's colossal in size, but is Namar's tusk lost in a duel when the realm was still new.


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Re: Unique Geographical Features
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2017, 12:14:01 AM »

I'll come back to this eventually, 'cause I haven't even figured any of this stuff out, due to a massive lack of world building on my part.

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Re: Unique Geographical Features
« Reply #2 on: April 11, 2017, 05:10:11 AM »
In my world I have something called the Wrath. No-one quite knows what it is, and though it's nature and method of creation is one of the key motivators for the MC it is frequently invoked like we might invoke hell - "go jump in the Wrath!" etc. I could describe it here but I want to save it :)

@briari hallow it does seem rather like the bastard spawn of your "Great Abyss" sand "Mount of Dragons". I'll say no more than that... :)
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Re: Unique Geographical Features
« Reply #3 on: April 26, 2017, 07:20:38 PM »
In my world, there is the Scar which was formed at the end of the Purge / start of the Great War. It is level, but cannot be cruise or even approached by most. It is an area devoid of all magic due to a massive drain when slaughtering the dragons.

For those who live close, it causes a sickness. The gap in magic pulls the Šlic from any living thing nearby. Nothing grows there and the sickness runs deep into the earth. For a scar of this size, it is expected to take millions of years to see recovery. Small ones can take hundreds of years for the earth to recover.
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