UPDATE: Important Library/Librarium Information

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UPDATE: Important Library/Librarium Information
« on: May 01, 2017, 07:29:35 PM »
Hi everyone,

So as you may have noticed, the library site that we were using until the Librarium is ready is no more. This is due to an unfortunate mistake on my part, which I 1,000% take responsibility and apologize for. However, this may actually have been a blessing in disguise. It means that we're a step closer to being able to accept submissions into the Librarium, which @Xyem is currently working on getting to that point.

The website host we were using wanted to charge $150.00 USD to restore the data that was lost, in addition to another $10.00 for reactivating my account. This is despite the fact that it had been less than twenty-four hours since the cancellation and shouldn't have taken THAT long to restore the data. I refused to pay the $150.00 for a number of reasons, with the largest being that I had done a backup of the site last week, so we have everything up until April 16th, so even if we couldn't get the most recent version of the library with the most recent entries, we at least have the entries that were there up until the 16th. That is the good news.

The bad news is that if you uploaded anything after the 16th, we no longer have it. It means that we've lost some of the challenge entries that were submitted to the April challenge. This is an unfortunate after effect of my mistake. It's also definitely a lesson that I've learned.

For now, until Xyem can get the Librarium to the point of accepting submissions, we will be using two members only sections of the forum to store any submissions that members plan to make (which you are encouraged to do). The link to the forum for 'normal' library submissions is here, and the forum for the challenge submissions is here. There are two forms that we would like you to use when submitting a story, which are pinned in both forums.

When it's time, Xyem will be copying all of the entries that are submitted into those forums over onto the Librarium, so you will not have to worry about doing it again.

Please make sure to keep a backup of whatever you submit into the library/onto the forum on your computer or in Google docs, or whatever you prefer so that if this ever somehow happens again, you still have a copy of your submission.

Dropbox is another site you can use to store things if you do not want to use Google docs.

As far as the April writing challenge goes, we will give a few days to hopefully allow everyone who submitted something before this happened to be able to get their entries into Google docs or a Word doc that they can upload as an attachment in a reply to the April challenge thread so that we can get the poll up for voting.

With the chaos of what happened, I haven't had a chance to figure out a prompt for the May challenge yet, but I'm hoping to do so while it's still May 1st (at least in my time zone). I will try and get it posted a.s.a.p. so that anyone who wants to work on their next challenge submission can do so. (I'm also open to prompt suggestions! Haha.)

Using the forums for story submission is not the most ideal thing, but it's a temporary solution until Xyem is able to get Librarium to the point it needs to be at. We encourage you to go ahead and start submitting (and giving reviews to any new submissions that pop up) to those forums.

Again, I apologize for the hassle that this has caused. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask either in this thread or send a PM. Also, if you have any interest in being a beta tester, you can still do so, so please let me know and I'll add you to the beta tester group.

Thank you for your patience!

Ally/Jedi Knight Muse and the Worldsmyths Staff

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